NEW! Remote Assistance Now Available

Support is now available via remote assistance! Use your high speed internet connection to receive support from GTT CNET on software upgrades, internet service tests, hardware diagnostics, and more!

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NEW! Data Backup Solutions

GTT CNET now provides data backup solutions for all customers. Let our expert service technicians protect your businesses’ crucial data and know your information is always safe, secure, and available to you.

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Welcome to GTT CNET Solutions

We specialize in computer repair for small to medium sized businesses. We offer component level repair on PC’s, Laptops, Macintosh, Tablets, Routers, Hardware Firewalls, and more. Before you replace a computer or hardware component let us try and repair it. Although replacing defective hardware is easier for the technician it is often more expensive than a simple repair. Let us save you money.

Need a PC or Macintosh repaired? Is your internet service slow, or is it time to upgrade your office PC’s? GTT CNET will find a solution that meets your business and financial needs in timely manner, then we will install everything for you. Our technitians will come to your place of business and diagnose your tech problems and, if possible, make repairs on the spot. If new hardware is required we will accept delivery and install everything at the client’s convenience. For a complete list of what hardware we repair click here.

Our solutions can range from simple PC repair work to full business solutions for a new office.

Slow comuter isn't always a problem with the PC. It is for this reason GTT CNET has internet service professionals on staff that know firsthand the intricacies of issues that pertain to The Web. For more information on this please read the Internet Providers Guide.

Satellite Internet Diagnostic and Repair

Satellite Internet has its own specific issues that can cause a business problems. Although our technicians can’t fix a satellite (yet) we can certainly diagnose satellite connectivity and help fix client side satellite internet issues.

Wireless Internet Assessment and Installation

Wireless Internet can be the best or worst thing for a business depending on the needs of the personnel and security requirements. Let GTT CNET build the best solution for your business that meets all of your goals in accessibility, convenience, and security. If your business data is valuable then your wireless internet need to be equipped to protect it. At GTT CNET we can make sure you are covered.